Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Legacy Ride for Cancer Honors Henry Platje

The Legacy Ride for Cancer was able to honor Henry Platje in his struggle with cancer as we were riding.  He was diagnosed with Cancer and was given a prognosis of 7-10 weeks to sirvive.  We were able to honor him for this time and give him hope where there was none for him perhaps. It is with sadness that we announce that the doctors were accurate and  Henry passed away January 4th -- the Lord has taken him home.  Please keep Henry's family and friends in your prayers.

We personally ask you to support those who have Cancer and memorialize those who have lost their fight with Cancer and spend time with those who have this disease.  You may have something they need to hear in their time of struggle.

May 2011 bring several dreams that will come true for all of you.