Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Friendliest of America

Today,  I saw one car cut off another car.  A major dose of road rage was on it's way when the man came to stop, rolled down his window, the other car did the same and...... the man who cut the other one off APOLOGIZED.  These two gentlemen had a two minute conversation about life right there in the turn lanes onto US19 heading north.   If we could replace all the drive by shootings with drive by love.... how nice would that be?  Ironically, when we ride through the small towns and weave a path into the fabric of America we give out drive by love by horse.   The thought for today..... When horses were our only means or transportation....were we more civilized if we cut each other off in horse traffic? None the less what I saw today and on four other attempts is that there are still some of the friendliest in America here willing to say, "I'm sorry."

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