Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Little Things

My Uncle Dick is 84 years old.  In his 60's he used to bike 20 miles, swim the Gulf Channel from Bellair to Clearwater and back (2 miles) and then go out and party all night with his friends at the local bar.  He has done this since 1978 up until turning 80 and then he changed venues and took up friends at a community center and did this up until about 45 days ago.  He had quadruple bypass and come through in stellar health. In fact, better health than me in so many ways. He had lasik done on his eyes just a few years ago and has 19/19 vision; has women in their 50's vying for his affection.

My uncle is a famous beach artist that everyone knows.  People have taken down their "Renoir" to replace it with his paintings.  The thing that he said that sticks in my mind from our most recent visit was, "I can't tell you how much we take for granted the little reading a book in a lawn chair in the sunshine and being contemplative."

It's been awhlie since I heard someone talk about the simple, meaningful things in life.  So......when is the last time you enjoyed something this simple and so meaningful?  For those out there who practice this with mindfulness, we need you to teach others how to forget fear and live simplistically and without mind clutter and we thank you for being inspirational.  And for those who need to be more emotionally free -- take the emotional risk and live .... take your own life into your own hands.  People will forgive you, your kids will forgive you, your family will forgive you...even your dog will forgive you (and often be the first).  What ever "it" is that stops you from beeing emotionally free...and if you have the power to change it...DO IT..and do it in haste!  Because if you continue to argue your limitations, they shall be yours...   Forgiveness IS powerful...and even more powerful if we forgive ourselves FIRST.

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