Monday, June 27, 2011

Object and Light

It's like the tipping of an object to a light in some fashion.  I am the object, you are the observer. Does the light refract at just the right angle so you can understand me?  There are many people who experience life in this manner.  Those who are the object and those who are the observers of the object.  Memories are what come between the light and are kept in that invisible prismatic space of object and observation. Today during my studies on teaching I re-encountered and re-acquainted myself with the enduring question....."What is teaching".  Here... teaching is the object...but who is the observer? Are you weary and frustrated trying to turn someone into something they aren't?  Are you frustrated with the people in your life who need emotional healing and you know it but they won't admit it? Fortunately,I am blessed in my life right now to not have any of that dichotomous feelings. I am not torn between two loves, I am not even torn between two horses....In fact I am not torn at all between anything.  Clear and focused, I am the observer and the object at the same time.

I had this idea for an blog entry as I was thinking about those equestrian explorers before me...not just those who are living and breathing today, but those folks who were deported from Canada sent elsewhere when they didn't swear allegiance to the King of England.  That deportation created most of southern Louisiana's population, Louisiana Creole, a haven for foodies all over the United States.  The equestrian explorers of those times had much more land to work with as the Louisiana coast line gets thinner and thinner as a massive alluvial fan spreads Louisiana and all the other 14 bordering states of the Mighty Mississippi Seaward in an attempt to reclaim its own fate.

Louisiana, my home state for the second time...well, sorta....I continue to commute between Florida and here for work reasons.  I thought to myslef, "I wonder how this state is laid out for horse travel?"  I came to find out that this state being settled over 300 years ago and  more than 1000 years ago by the indigenous tribes that each town is only 10-15 miles apart at any given distance at any given point all across the Pelican state or Sportman's Paradise, whatever the People of da Bon Temps want to call it!

It's all about observation and objectivity, it seems... and this route --- all 1006 miles of it --- cutting off New Orleans for the sake of safety seems like a short jaunt.  1000 consecutive miles under saddle three years ago seemed like a long way.. having ridden 1000 INCONSECUTIVE miles and with equestrian exploration experience seems just like a mere pittance in some regard.  A 118 day journay at the most to complete what we started.. EMOTIONAL HEALING for those who suffer from life's situational maladies and a special regard to those who have had cancer as a memorial and tribute to their lives ...both here and in the hereafter.

Things are changing quite like mad and the River is changing course... This river of life and the Mississippi..I'm just wondering if the River or I will change first. Observation and Objectivity --- tipping of an object to the light - and everywhere and everything now is rainbow, rainbow, rainbow...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vortex Springs, Florida National Trail

Vortex Springs pumps 28 million gallons of water PER DAY into a clear water spring that goes up to 125 feet deep.  I am here tonight camping out as it was a long day dragging the trailer from New Iberia, LA to here.  443 miles via the back roads and 363 via the interstate.  My hosts here are generous and we got to talking about riding the Florida National Trail by horse...and they are gracious enough to let me stay here when I come through on horseback one of these months ahead of me.  Perhaps this is a launch point or an end point...I haven't decided yet.. even though it would save almost 1000 dollars in gas if I rode Goldie back to Louisiana.

A BIG THANK YOU TO MY HOSTS here and Melissa.. this ride is for you and your family.  We always ride for those who have had cancer or been touched by cancer in their family.  Your family members are being remembered as I type.  Hope to see you someday soon on my trusty steed!