Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buffalo Moon Expedition - Equestrian Exploration Starts Tomorrow

Equestrian Exploration starts tomorrow!!!  

Here's how it unfolds.  Hitch a ride with a friend through Austin, Texas.  She is going to Colorado....and will drop me off in Faxon, Oklahoma on the way. Then....ride the Louisiana Territories until there's no more territory to ride.  This all happened within the last hour and a half.  Thank goodness, I am packed and ready to go!  

Please subscribe here at  It's easier for me to document the history and this ride here on Blogger than any place else.  Please tell your friends to follow as we want to document and share any Acadienne horse and human history as much as possible.  

I should be under saddle by next Monday or Tuesday.  Coggins are current but Evangeline needs shoes before we can go.

To reach me on the road, text is ok, as is email. I have unlimited minutes but not unlimited battery or time.  I save any additional time for my better half to catch up with him for the next days plans. Please be patient with me as I get back to folks after that, time and energy willing.  

Location updates will only be posted on the blog and shared personally with individuals who are needing to know where I am located at the moment.

Here is the general route:  Faxon, OK----> southeasterly over the Red River in Ryan, OK, head southeasterly to visit the breeder of this wonderful four legged friend I am riding and then head on over to Mineola, Texas way.  On into Shreveport area, but avoid Shreveport proper and the  possibilities are endless there, down the western border of Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico (ahhhh.....the Gulf Beaches in the Winter Time) then head east over to my hometown of New Iberia, on up the Mississippi River Trail, Cross the Mississippi Twice and back over westerly into the center of the state and straight down the center and back to home.

Ok folks... LET'S DO IT!

Happy Trails!


Anonymous said...

May the Great White Father Be With you each Hour of the day and night. And Guide your Stead with sure foot as he takes you on this new and wonderful voyage . I'm here when you need me. Auntie M

Jan said...

Megan,excited for you. May the weather be fine. The people you meet friendly and helpful.
Happy safe and God's speed thru your journey. :) Jan

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