Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brief thoughts and thanks

Bonjour Mes Amis!   Just a brief note of thanks for those of you who have recently joined the blog.  I am honored that you have decided to follow this ride.   For those of you who have Acadian and French heritage who are following now, you are the very reason why this expedition is taking place this fall.  Ironically my horse's Registered Name   is Eve's Revenge.  I call her Evangeline.  She and I will be bringing our "message d'espoir" and reinvigorating Cajun Heritage and History throughout the entire state. 

Not only will we be honoring and celebrating Acadian heritage and culture, we will also be preserving Acadian Equestrian Travel, honoring slaves history and indentured servants who have been freed from their oppressive existences. Acadiana in many ways is where many people landed whose home countries did not want them or those individuals who were "deported"  So this ride is for all of you Acadians, Ex-slaves, indentured servants and others who have ancestors who lived the oppressed life under governments who TRIED but didn't succeed in stomping out your God Given Heritage and Culture!  I would love to hear your stories and comments about your ancient family would be an honor to have you share a story as a guest on the blog here. 

Thank you again for joining and I look forward to riding for y'all!  

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