Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Emotional Freedom Comes at a Price

...When I walked into that kitchen at my hosts house in New Mexico, I had no idea how that day their heart's would be unlocked.  I just rode into town with a group of other expeditioners hoping for a shower and some rest. Inevitably and gratefully, they shared their hearts and home with me.  

They shared their stories of ranching and stories of an adult child struggling with addiction.  Without mentioning I had worked with individuals who battled addiction, word by word as it fell from their lips they described in detail how they didn't know how to help themselves help their adult son. I said, "there's not any amount of money you can give, or anything that you can do for him, you just have to let him "Be" and have him figure it out on his own."  The father got edgy and didn't like what I had to say. "Surely, there must be something, " he said. "Unfortunately, " I stated, "You have done all you can.  Trying to fix it for him will only make it worse."

I asked them at one point to please go get a rock from their garden and give it to me so I can place it in my med bag so I could ride for him.  Two days pass and miles of emotional ground covered, I never received a rock from them. Out of the blue and 100 miles down the road, they showed up at my accommodations for the evening baring food, drinks and a plethora of good will.

Right before they went to leave I asked them if they ever found a rock to give me for their son.  The dad looked at me and got all choked up and said, "Yes, I have a rock....but instead, I want you to ride for me".  He wept on me..and I hugged him with tears of joy that he learned the lesson of tough love.

Emotional Freedom Comes at a Price

As I lay inside that horse trailer, that was clean as a whistle up the road from Waggoner and down the Road from Inola,  I was scared to death.  The bar was in full rip that night and my hosts were the owners of this establishment.  Dusty, my previous night's host, came up to check and have dinner with me as I stayed comfy in this biker bar.   

This was my first night alone, in a strange place, sleeping under the starts EVER on a long ride.  Fancy, my horse was munching happily in the adjacent field and I could hear her.

The trailer was a three horse slant load trailer in mint condition and I think it never hauled a horse. With my saddle strings, I tied myself in there as best as I could.  It was warm in there.

I became more scared.  I called Long Rider Stan P. and said, "If you tell me I will be alright in here, I will be alright."  He gave me some Long Rider reassurance about all the times he slept under bridges and what not and allayed my fears.

In a few minutes, after thinking I was heading out for an interesting 18 miles the next day, I was sleeping like a baby with my horse grazing nearby. 

We had ridden 200 miles already.  The Parrish's in Waggoner shared their family with me a night or to ago. They said I added a new dynamic that really helped them bond more.  I was treated like a part of their family and we barbecued.

Emotional Freedom Comes at a Price.

The unattainable horizon as we view it between our horse's ears and below our feet accelerates personal growth exponentially. We leave one person and come back another..and we just think that we are helping people, listening to their stories,  when it is really ours that is unfolding, changing as the scenery melts from rock to sand to grass into mountains and back again as the rhythmic "clop,clop,clop,clop" beneath us allows us to ride the wind of heaven at the pace of 3-5 miles per hour.

Emotional Freedom Comes at a Price....and it all starts right on the trail for me. 24 days until launch...

Blog Entry Over and Out - October Fourth Twenty-Eleven

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