Monday, October 10, 2011

Invisible Horse Stories

You know that eyelash on your horse that curls out of place in just the right spot sometimes poking them inadvertently in the eye.  You know the one I am talking about.... It's the one that you thought at one point you want to pluck out but it would hurt too much to do that! That eyelash has seen the raindrops of perhaps only one summer or perhaps 40 snows greeting each one with a knowing-ness of how to tell the weather. 

Her daughter squeals with delight and screams, "tiger stripes, mommy! Look! Your horse has tiger stripes."  That horse already took two other women through a miscarriage and the other through not being able to have children.  That horse now has a comprehension about children and somehow understands them as if they are their own.  Rose outgrew her tiger stripes. She had two owners after that.  The other owners thought that Rose may have had markings like a tiger before.  Rose was the only one who remembered the little girl and other women who loved children.  Rose was amazingly kind and sweet and was treated well her entire life. She had a career as a trail horse.  However, she fell to the wayside with each owner and with tears of good bye, Rose finally found her permanent parents in home #5.  Her last set of parents wondered so much about her but didn't have her history. They loved her just the same.  But still....Rose remembered it all.

His black mane absorbed the tears of a man who just lost his wife.  This widower couldn't saddle up for almost month after that but Buddy was always there to listen and nicker back.  Buddy also knew this mans' deceased wife.  Buddy hadn't had one mis-step in his four years on the planet yet.  The man cried and hugged his horse until Buddy just hugged and rocked him back.  What the man didn't notice was that Buddy was crying too. Buddy had a windpuff on his right hock that healed shortly after the man stopped grieving. Buddy was given away in the man's estate when the widower joined his wife in death.  Buddy was jet black and stately he was grateful for an awesome life as a therapy horse.  The owner of the program asked Buddy one day, "How did you learn to do this.". Buddy just gave a deep elegant stare and with a slight head nod and tilt to the right....the flick of an ear, he told the program director how he had already handled sorrow, grief and the healing of a family before.  He smacked his lips and took the treat gently from the hands of a child with Autism who rewarded him for his efforts.  Buddy thought to himself, 'How kind of that little one to reward himself".   

On top of an amazing hill, the reminiscing soldier says into the wind, "Heron, I can feel your ghost, my friend.  You carried me over this hill under saddle when you were with me in battle.   I'm not sure if it was you who made me brave or the reverse.  We won the battle that day and you came home with me as retirement present from the Cav.  The last Cav. battalion that ever existed.  You have long since passed, but I remember." Heron died at the age of 33 having only one owner.  Heron had a wounded knee but was still sound to ride up until the end.  

His name was Chico.  She was an Appaloosa without spots. No one could understand it though.  That horse pulled that child out of river with her teeth and waded in after him to save his life.  Hung on wires the boy struggled:  ....on the sidelines --  a mare--- not too big in size, who had just lost a foal herself a few days before that, made a magnificent leap into the water and saved that human boy.  Chico has a scar on her left shoulder.  Chico went on to three other people before she found a permanent home. 

Many circumstances befall a horse in their lifetime.  They are asked to be fostered by several parents, asked to go back to school to learn a new trade they may already know. But one thing is for certain, if you get a horse from someplace else,  don't under estimate those scars, bumps, bruises and scrapes.....for within them are lay these amazing invisible horse stories too awesome to fathom and you know what...??? Horses keep their silence for they are too sacred to tell.


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