Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lariat: 100 Horse Stories and Poems

Artwork by Donna Howell Sickles
Title: "Rubie Leaves Lady Luck"

American Cowgirl Artist, Friend and Long Ride Host,
St. Jo, Texas:
 Permission For Use Granted, Oct. 2010
  Please visit her Online Gallery for Gifts


Moments in time,
Leaving hoofprints and life at our back gate.
Not much with us,
Fierce wind
Facing outward
Carries a piece of hay away
Who was clinging to our shirt

Hanging the Lariat on the saddle
for "just in case" if we need to
Rope the circle of life

There are days
When the best
part of the ride
Is the racing, heart pounding Gallop
Hair Flying, eyes watering, Freezing Toes
on a Flying Horse

There are days when the slow poke
dance of Summer Heat
And the weight on our backs
Is what makes us slow

"That saddle feels heavier today
for some reason"
Hoisting it up one more time
One leg over
Leaving one more lifetime at the gate
Hanging our Lariats "just in case"

Mark and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Donna at her Gallery in St. Jo Texas.  We had seen much of her work all over Oklahoma.  Just as a coincidence, she was on our route and we paid a visit to her studio.  She set up our hosts with the mayor in St. Jo.  Many a long rider has passed through there on US 82 (LRG members and non-members).  Her gallery is one block off the famous Chisholm Trail and St. Jo has a rich history of cattlemen, cowboys and cowgirls who carved out that part of North Central Texas.  Brilliant lady and she is as much the cowgirl as her artwork embodies.   Please look up her gallery on facebook at well at

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