Sunday, May 5, 2013

Journey 2013

Megan DuBé’s message is simple. However, the long- trail distance delivery of that message has a most been most unusual and sometimes unfathomable even for horse minded folks who trail ride. 

In 2012, DuBé and her horse Evangeline travelled 576 consecutive miles through Texas, on a horse trekking journey to help those with emotional need and also celebrate life and share faith and hope as she travels down the trail.

DuBé’s message and trademarked byline since 2008 has been “emotional freedom starts on the trail.” 

DuBé is the founder of Buffalo Moon Expedition, an organization that preserves equestrian travel and American heritages.  She is a semi-retired psychologist who also has been helping people heal emotionally the majority of her career.  Her life is not all about book smarts either, she has had her share of life loss and horses have been a way for her to get through her toughest times.

Du Bé has owned her own equine assisted psychotherapy practice in the past.  Buffalo Moon's Expedition allows Du Bé  to continue to do what she loves doing best- counseling and facilitating healing for others from the back of her horse.

This year’s expedition is extra significant.  DuBé has done another emotional rescue --- of the equine variety.   Megan has adopted and retrained a Rescue horse from True Blue Animal Rescue out of Brenham, Texas this year.  A Tennessee Walking  Horse named Jazzy.

 “Most of the media portrays rescue horses who have been severely neglected and seized like Jazzy, “ DuBé states.  “But in many cases, horses are surrendered to rescues when family circumstances change financially.  Most of these rescue horses have been family pets and well- loved at one time or another.   I feel that the social responsibility of any horse community is to give these horses a second chance.”

These expeditions are all attempts to make it from A to B.  Whether DuBé makes it to her final destination is unknown as she says that she is not in charge of this journey in so many ways.   However, DuBé’s positive attitude and faith keep her moving down the road.

 “Rescue horses need a second chance, just like people.  Sometimes we rescue people, sometimes we rescue horses,” DuBé states with a smile. And this year, Buffalo Moon Expedition plans to do a little bit of both.

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