About Buffalo Moon Expedition

Buffalo Moon Expedition evolved into and became an equestrian travel heritage and preservation organization founded in 2008 to explore the planet by horse while helping people achieve emotional freedom.

Buffalo Moon Expedition stemmed from the founder's dream to ride her horse a great distance from A to B.  When her relationship with horses began close to 28 years ago,  she had no place to ride and being from the third largest urban area in the United States,  she took to the road.   At age of 40, the founder's opportunity came to fruition and then planned her first expedition in 2008.  A new state and lack of funds for horse transport inspired the thought to "ride there instead."  The original journey was to be completed from Southwest Oklahoma up to Historic Route 66 and on to Chicago but turned into nine separate equestrian trips over the next several years totaling 1500 miles, the most recent in 2012 being 576 consecutive miles throughout Texas.

Buffalo Moon Expedition plans to continue to make expeditions for as long as they are able to preserve and promote the equestrian heritages and explore the planet by horse as a missionary to promote emotional freedom through spirituality.  These expeditions totem scripture is Luke 10 and are grounded in the Christian Faith.

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